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Vague Talking in ECB’s Press Conference: News or Noise? (joint work Nan Hu, PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt)

An early version of the paper is presented at
European Central Bank Research Seminar, European Commission JRC Big Data and Forecasting Workshop, 34th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, 50th Anniversary Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Group, 6th Young Finance Scholars Conference, 21st INFER Annual Conference, Goethe University Money and Macroeconomics Brown Bag Seminar, International Monetary Fund Research Seminar (presented by co-author), 10th International Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Macroeconomics (presented by co-author), 2019 Georgetown Center for Economic Research Biennial Conference (presented by co-author)

Working Paper

Forecasting the Great Recession in the United States (joint work with Michael Binder, Matyas Farkas, John Taylor, Volker Wieland, and Maik Wolters)

Papers in Progress

How Does the Stock Market Listen to Fedspeak? A High-Frequency Evidence

Modeling the Effective-Lower-Bound: An Endogenous Regime-Switching Approach